Rufus. Cuentos tradicionales en inglés para niños

Cuentos cortos para que los niños aprendan idiomas
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Te presentamos en inglés este cuento tradicional para que tus hijos aprendan jugando. Una historia sobre el conejito Rufus narrada en inglés para que enseñes este idioma a tus hijos. 

Un divertido cuento en inglés que podrás leer a tus hijos para que aprendan inglés mientras se divierten. Los cuentos tradicionales son ideales para enseñar inglés a los niños de forma sencilla e instructiva. 

Rufus el Conejo. Cuentos en inglés

Rufus. Cuentos en inglés.

Rufus was a mischievous little rabbit who lived with his mum in the country. His mum was very good with him. She made all the possible for him to have everything he needed. If the little rabbit was hungry, her mum went to look for a carrot. If he was thirsty, his mum went to the river and looked for water. In the morning, when Rufus had to go to school, his mum woke him up, prepared him the clothes and made him the breakfast.

One day Mum Rabbit had to go on a trip and Rufus was left alone. He was hungry and he did not know where to look for food. He was thirsty but he did not know where was the water. A bit sad, he went to bed because the following day he had to go very early to school. He slept a lot and while he was dreaming, he woke up because he felt that the rays of the sun were illuminating his face. While he looked the clock.. it was 11 o’clock in the morning! He had to go early to school and he had fallen asleep because his mum was not at home to wake him up. Neither had anyone prepared him breakfast.

Rufus started crying. He felt very sad because if his mother was not there, he did not know how to do anything. He cried for a long time and then he thought “That has happened to me because I leave my mum to do all the things that I, at my age, can do by my own. When mum returns I’ll ask her to teach me to do what she does so I will know how to do it next time she goes on a trip”

In the afternoon Mum Rabbit arrived from her trip and Rufus was very happy. He went running to say her hello and give her a kiss.

During the week, Rufus started to investigate and learn the things that her mum used to do and that he could also do. When he was hungry and her mum brought him a carrot, he asked her where she had taken it from, what he had to do to get one. When he was thirsty and her mother brought him water, he asked her to teach her how to get it.

Cuentos para enseñar inglés a los niños

So, one day, when Mum Rabbit went to look for the carrot for her son, Rufus said her:

-“No, mum. I can do it by my own. Let me go to look for my own carrot”

Then, Rufus made what his mother had taught him and got his carrot. When he arrived home, Mum Rabbit got very happy and said:

-“Congratulations, son. You are a big rabbit now and you can do your things by your own. You’ve grown up and it isn’t necessary that I do everything that you have to do”

Rufus was very happy. He knew that the next time that his mother went on a trip, he would not be hungry nor thirsty. He knew how to do his things by his own and did not need to depend on anyone to live.


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