Cuento de Caperucita Roja en inglés para niños

Aprende inglés con tus hijos con ese cuento de Caperucita Roja

Teresa Guerra

El cuento de Caperucita Roja es uno de los más populares entre los niños y los padres. Además de ser muy entretenido para ellos y animarles a interesarse por la lectura, es una buena forma de advertir a los niños del peligro que supone hablar con los desconocidos.

En te invitamos a leer una versión de este cuento en inglés. Así, además de pasar un divertido rato en familia, estamos ayudando a los niños a aprender idiomas.

Caperucita Roja en inglés para niños

 Cuento de Caperucita Roja en inglés

Once upon a time there was a sweet little girl. Her grandmother loved her very much, and she gave her a little cap made of red velvet. Because it suited her so well, and she wanted to wear it all the time, she came to be known as Little Red Riding Hood.

One day her mother said to her:

- Come Little Red Riding Hood. Here is a piece of cake and a bottle of wine. Take them to your grandmother. She is sick and weak, and they will do her well. Behave yourself on the way, and do not leave the path -

Little Red Riding Hood promised to obey her mother. When Little Red Riding Hood entered the woods a wolf came up to her. She did not know what a wicked animal he was, and was not afraid of him.

- Where are you going so early, Little Red Riding Hood? - asked the wolf

- To my grandmother's house - 

- And what are you carrying under your apron? - asked the wolf again

-  My grandmother is sick and weak, and I am taking her some cake and wine -

- Listen, Little Red Riding Hood, haven't you seen the beautiful flowers that are blossoming in the woods? Why don't you go and take a look? It is very beautiful in the woods.”

Little Red Riding Hood opened her eyes and saw the sunlight breaking through the trees and how the ground was covered with beautiful flowers. She thought, “If a take a bouquet to grandmother, she will be very pleased”

And she ran off into the woods looking for flowers. Each time she picked one she thought that she could see an even more beautiful one a little way off, and she ran after it, going further and further into the woods. But the wolf ran straight to the grandmother's house and knocked on the door.

- Who's there? - asked the Grandmother

- Little Red Riding Hood. I'm bringing you some cake and wine. 

- Come in, my dear – said the grandmother

The wolf pressed the latch, and the door opened. He stepped inside, went straight to the grandmother's bed, and ate her up. Then he took her clothes, put them on, and put her cap on his head. He got into her bed and pulled the curtains shut.

When Little Red Riding Hood arrived, she walked into the parlor, and everything looked so strange that she thought, Grandmother was lying there with her cap pulled down over her face and looking very strange.

- Oh, grandmother, what big ears you have!

- All the better to hear you with.

- Oh, grandmother, what big eyes you have!

- All the better to see you with.

- Oh, grandmother, what big hands you have!

- All the better to grab you with!

- Oh, grandmother, what a horribly big mouth you have!

- All the better to eat you with!

And with that he jumped out of bed, jumped on top of poor Little Red Riding Hood, and ate her up. As soon as the wolf had finished this tasty bite, he climbed back into bed, fell asleep, and began to snore very loudly.

A huntsman was just passing by. He thought it strange that the old woman was snoring so loudly, so he decided to take a look. He stepped inside, and in the bed there lay the wolf that he had been hunting for such a long time.

- He has eaten the grandmother, but perhaps she still can be saved. I won’t shoot him,” thought the huntsman.

So he took a pair of scissors and cut open his belly.  Little Red Riding Hood  and the grandmother came out alive . Then Little Red Riding Hood fetched some large heavy stones. They filled the wolf's belly with them, and when he woke up and tried to run away, the stones were so heavy that he fell down dead. The three of them were happy, and Little Red Riding Hood returned home happily and safely.

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